Holy Patriarchal And Stavropegic Monastery Of Saint Anastasia The Pharmakolytria In Halkidiki

This was founded in 888 by Augusta Theophano, under the Patriarchate of Photius the Great. In 1522, the hieromonk Theonas with his companions re-established this Holy Monastery and became its Abbot. Later he was ordained Archbishop of Thessalonica, and had a holy ending, and the Church numbered him among the Saints. In the Holy Monastery are kept the sacred Head of St Anastasia and the whole relic of St Theonas, Abbot of the Monastery and Metropolitan of Thessalonica, Holy Wood, a gift of Augusta Theophano to the Monastery, and many other relics.
Administration: The Holy Monastery belongs spiritually and administratively to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and follows the law 249/1969 of the Greek state and its own internal constitution.
Abbot: His Eminence Apostolos, Metropolitan of Miletos (03.11.1985).
Kathismata of the Holy Monastery:
1.– Holy Trinity, Traditional housing of the Holy Monastery. 2.– St Anastasia, N. Skioni, Chalkididi. 3.– Prophet Elijah. 4.– St George 5.– St Theonas. 6.– Dormition of the Theotokos. 7.– St Stephen. 8.– Ss Kirykos and Julitta. 9. – St Demetrios and 10.– Theotokos Faneromeni Chalkidiki, which belongs to the Theological School of Chalki..
Address: Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of the Holy Glorious Great-martyr Anastasia the Farmakolytria, 570 06 Vasilika, Thessalonica.
Tel. Abbot: 23960-22550. Tel. Monastery: 23960-22.440, 22.661. 22.663. fax: 23960-22.662.