Holy Patriarchal And Stavropegic Monastery Of Vlatadon In Thessaloniki

This was founded around 1350 A.D. by the brothers Dorotheos and Mark Vlat(t)eon or Vlatades, disciples and friends of St Gregory Palamas. As founder of the Monastery, we also have the empress Anna Palæologina, who was installed in Thessalonica in 1351 and stayed in it as directress until her death. The royal golden-stamped letter must have been written in 1354 in the name of the emperor John Kantakouzenos and the empress Anna Palæologina. The patriarchal Siggilion was published a bit later by the Ecumenical Patriarch Neilos. Some old architectural remains, which are kept in the museum of the Monastery, confess that the place of the Monastery was a place of worship before the monastery's foundation by the brothers Vlatades. According to the uninterrupted oral tradition, in this place the Apostle Paul preached to the Thessalonians  during his second journey (51 A.D.).
Feasts: 6 August (Transfiguration of the Lord), and 29 July (St Paul).
Abbot: His Eminence Panteleimon, Metropolitan of Tyroloa and Serention (09.06.1974), University Professor.
Number of Monks: 9.
Address: Holy, Royal, Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of the Vlatades, 64 Eptapyrgiou St., 546 34 Thessalonica.
Tel. Abbey – Secretary: 2310-209.913, 246.357, Student accommodation: 2310-247.492. Fax: 2310-246.349.
Churches, Metochia of the Holy Monastery: (i) St Nicholas of the Orphans, (ii) Panagia Lagoudiani-Laodigitria, (iii) St George (Basis), (iv) St Andrew (Basis).
In the Holy Monastery, there function:
(i) Accommodation for researchers and Theology student at the Aristotelian University of Thessalonica, postgraduates and undergraduates, from abroad.
(ii) the Patriarchal Institute of Research on the Fathers
(iii) Skevophylakion - Museum.
(iv) Bookshop