Patriarchal Exarchate Of Patmos

The Patriarchal Exarchy of Patmos includes the islands Patmos, (which by the Revered Patriarchal and Synodic Act and by the law 1155/81 of the Greek state was pronounced a Holy Island), Leipsoi, Agathonision, Lebetha, and Arkioi with their small islands around them and is directly under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. This special state of the only remaining Patriarchal Exarchy of Patmos was certified by Imperial and Patriarchal sigillia due to the Royal and Patriarchal nature of the Monastery of St John the Theologian. The Exarchy is honorarily given from the Great Church of Christ to the Abbot of Patmos, whom it has assured from centuries with unique liturgical, administrative and judiciary duties.
Patriarchal Exarch of Patmos: The Abbot of Patmos, Archmandrite Antipas.

(a) Administration
Seat: Holy, Royal, Patriarchal, Stavropegic and Coenobiac Monastery of St John the Theologian and Evangelist, 855 00 Patmos.
This was founded at the ends of the 11th century by our venerable Father Christodoulos of Latrenos, at the gift of the island Patmos to him and the support of the ever-memorable Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos, and became through the centuries one of the prominent monastic centre of the East.
Abbot of the Coenobium and Patriarchal Exarch of Patmos: Archm. Antipas:
Substitute Abbot and Exarch: the Ecclesiarch Elder Hieromonk Cyril.
Catholic Economos.........
Ecclesiarch: Elder Hieromonk Cyril, also having duties of General Exarch Vicar, as happened for centuries in the Exarchy.
Address: Patriarchal Exarchy of Patmos, 855 00, Patmos.
Tel. Of the Exarch: 22470-31.223, Fax: 22470-31.381. Tel. centre: 22470-34132, 22470-31398, Fax: 22470-34.098.

Parish Churches: 8. Parish priests: 8, Deacons: 1.

1. Agathonision: St George, tel. 22470-32.390, 29.095.
2. Arkioi: Transfiguration of the Saviour, tel. 22470-31.212.
3. Kampos, Patmos: Annunciation of Theotokos, tel. 22470-31.069.
4. Leipso: St John the Theologian, tel. 22470-41.205, 41.228.
5. Scala, Patmos: St John the Forerunner, tel. 22470-31.511.
6. Scala, Patmos: St Nicholas, tel. 22470-32.881 and fax: 32.345, 29.326.
7. Chora, Patmos: Panagia of the Cemetery, tel. 22470-31.647, 31.979.
8. Chora, Patmos: Meeting of the Lord, tel. 22470-32.518, 31.348.

(b) Monastic republic of the Holy Patmos

Holy Royal Patriarchal Stavropegic and Coenobiac Monastery of St John the Evangelist and Theologian

Address: Holy Royal Patriarchal Stavropegic and Coenobiac Monastery of St John the Evangelist and Theologian, 855 00 Patmos.
Abbot: ὁ Archm. Antipas Theologitis. Tel. (22470): Abbot: 31.223, fax: 31.381. Secretary: 31.223. Fax: 34.098.
Tel. 31.398, 31.917, 34.132.

Sacred Revelation.
Thus is called the Cave, within which the Evangelist John saw the vision and wrote the prophetic book of the Revelation (95 A.D.). Tel. 22470-31.234.
Principle: Elder Hieromonk Isidore Theologitis.

Holy Cells:
1. Ss Anargyri, Kipoi (11th century).
2. Dormition of the Theotokos, Leipsi (above) (16th century).
3. St Paraskevi, Kavos (17th century).
4. All Saints, Apollo, founded in 1820 by hieromonk Apollo (+ 1859). Tel. 22470-31.069.
5. Panagia Queen of all, Arkioi.
6. Ss Nektarios of Pentapolis and Irene Chrysovalantou, Leipso.
7. St Nektarios Loukakia, founded in 1989  by the blessed Archm. Paul Nikitaras (+ 1999) and the Abbot of Patmos Archm. Antipas. Tel. 22470-32.833.
8. St Irene, Skala. Tel. 22470-31.358.

Holy Kathismata:
1. Bodiless powers (12th century). Tel. 22470-32.062.
2. St Panteleimon Chiliomodion (16th century).
3. St Christodoulos, Alukai (17th century).Tel. 22470-32.994.
4. Panagia of Charos, Leipsoi (17th century).
5. St George of the Avlaki (17th century).
6. Panagia Mandalake (17th century).
7. Panagia Kykkou (17th century).
8. Panagia Grava (18th century). Tel. 22470-31.388.
9. Prophet Elijah (18th century).
10. Panagia Koumana (18th century). Tel. 22470-31.489.
11. Dormition of Theotokos (18th century).
12. Transfiguration, Kalamote (20th century). Tel. 22470-33.088.

Monastic Churches:
1. Panagia the Protectress, Chora. Tel. 22470-31.585, 22470-31.350.
2. St Phokas, Scala
3. St Basil, Chora.
4. St George of Aporthianoi, Chora.
5. St John the Theologian, Scala (Baptistery).
6. St John the Baptist, Chora.
7. St George of Loza Chora.
8. St Nicholas Koudounas.
9. St Demetrios, Chora,
and many more

1. Petras (11th century). 2.Genopa (Caves, 12th century). 3. Petrokaravou (12th century). 4. Vraston (17th century). 5. Pilafiou (17th century). 6.Anyrou (17th century). 7. Synadinou (17th century). 8. Zarrois (19th century). 9. Kentronisiou (19th century). 10. Pigis Geranou (20th century). 11. Psalidas (20th century).

Holy Metochia:
1. St John the Theologian, Partheni, Leros (11th century).
2. Ss Apostles, Kalymnos (11th century).
3. St John the Theologian, Apteroi, Crete (12th century).
4. Transfiguration. Naxos (12th century).
5. St John the Theologian, Chora, Amorgos (16th century).
6. St John the Theologian, Heraio, Samos (16th century).
7. St John the Theologian, Thira (17th century).
8. St John the Theologian (Sideranos), Milos (17th century).
9. St George, Pendeli, Athens (20th century)

Female Monasteries of Patmos
1. Holy Monastery Holy of Holies, founded in the 16th century. Superior: Nun Synglitiki. Nuns: 2. Tel. 22470-31.030.
2. Holy Monastery of Life-giving Fount, founded in the 17th century. Abbess: Nun Agathangeli. Nuns: 5. Tel. 22470-31.256, 32.092. Fax: 33.233.
Exartema: Hesychasterion of the Dormition of the Theotokos Livadiou of Kalogeron (16th century).
3. Holy Monastery of the Annunciation, founded in 1935. Abbess: Nun Christonymphe. Nuns: 65. Tel. 22470-31.276, 31.336, fax: 34.125.
1. Holy Hesychasterion of St Joseph in Kouvarion, founded in 1940.
2. Holy Kathisma of Christ of Argyre (18th century).
1. St John the Theologian, Rhodes.
2. Apostle Philip, Kos.
Monks of the Monastery: 35. Nuns of the Exartemata: 2. Nuns of the Monasteries: 72. Total: 109.

The Patmias Ecclesiastical School
This was founded in 1713 by St Makarios the Teacher the Kalogeras, and functions in the buildings of the Holy Monastery by the Sacred Cave of the Revelation, which were built at the care and expense of the Holy Monastery and the Patmians of America, as a Gymnasium and Lyceum. Tel. 22470-31.278-31.066. fax: 22470-32777. 
School Committee: President: the Patriarchal Exarch, Archm. Antipas.
Scholarch: Matthew Melinos, theologian.
Vice-president: Eustathios Kottoros, theologian.

Local Saints
1. St John the Theologian (26 September, 8 May).
2. St Christodoulos (16 March, 21 October).
3. Apostle Thomas (Sunday of Antipascha, 6 October).
4. St Gerasimos Byzantios (7 April).
5. St Antipas, Bishop of Pergamos (11 April).
6. St Pachomios the Russian (7 May).
7. St Leondios, Archbishop of Jerusalem (14 May).
8. St Philip the Deacon (11 October).
9. St Makarios the Kalogeras (19 January).
10. Hieromartyr Platon Aivazides (21 September).
11. Assembly of the Saints of Patmos (Sunday after All Saints).